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If a Greenoid was to put you into a meat grinder and all that came out was your finger…you’d probably be dead! -Felinus Magistratus General Catz Meyow


Welcome to The Jermaverse, an unofficial Jerma985 centered tabletop roleplaying game set in a fictional sci-fi universe!


Explore the cosmos with your friends in an exciting and lore-filled world!


Play as the Rattzz, a rat-hominid people, the Greenoids, a green-skinned casino loving people, or even the Sluggor, where your body is literally made from melted plastic.


Save the universe from existential threats, become the ruler of the Jermaverse, or just get up to infinite goofy hijinks with your peers!


Inside The Jermaverse handbook are 24 pages of unique peoples to play as and an easy-to-learn system that can be enjoyed by both TTRPG beginners and non-Jerma fans alike!


Who will you be in The Jermaverse? Find out today!


NOTE: This game is unaffiliated with Jerma985, was not commissioned by him, and does not represent him or his properties in any way. This game is distributed for no cost, and was made purely to celebrate a streamer that I, a solo developer, enjoys.

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorEthan H. Reynolds
GenreRole Playing
Tagsjerma, jerma985, scifi, Tabletop, Tabletop role-playing game


The Jermaverse v1.0.pdf 8 MB
The Jermaverse An Unofficial Jerma985 TTRPG Form Fillable CS.pdf 19 kB